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Magento is  the best ecommerce platform available with tons of features no doubt about it. When it comes to development it is not that much difficult too. The positions are controlled by xml files and static blocks come as a very special advantage. The feature of CMS pages make it more versatile.

Well hare are some magento best practices one should follow while customizing the magento theme or doing some small changes:-

1. Using template path hints :- In Magento each part of site likes the sidebar or the navigation links come from different files. Doing some changes becomes very difficult when one dont know from which file the code is being called. So just disable your magento cache. Go to System->Configuration->Default Store View->Devloper->Set template path hints on. Refresh the home page and thats it, you will see from which file each part of the website is being called.

2. Use Firebug:- Many magento websites css file you is at this position. skin->frontend->(packagename)->(themename)->css->style.css file. The firebug plugin enables you to make and instantly see the design changes on the website. Its the best tool to use when you need any style changes.

3. Using catalog.xml file:- In many magento sites you can control the position of each feature like related products or compare products using reference tag and before or after attribute of this tag.

4. Use static blocks:- Whenever one use any extension which is a widget, its the best practice to install it on the static block and then use it on the cms page or any phtml file.

For making any development please remember to disable the cache by going to system->cache management.

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